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The Wet Bubble is the most loved water attraction in waterparks world-wide. The concept of the Wet Bubble is to have fun while playing with others. The endless possibilities of interacting with the Bubble create an unlimited source of amusement! This water attraction proves the universal truth: everybody is a child at heart…

Due to it’s unique domed shape, the Wet Bubble stands out in your water park and will attract guests of all ages. There is a variety of models that you can choose from and we give you the possibility to use your own design and artwork to cover the dome, so that you can customize your Wet Bubble to match the theme of your park. With it’s large display and it’s unique shape, the Bubble can be seen from the distance bringing life and color into view.


This water attraction is in the shape of a mountain, this water attraction is a favorite to all those who love climbing. The Cliffhanger can hold 30 climbers at the same time and has three levels of climbing (easy, medium, hard), age level from 6 years recommended.

This waterplay attraction is formed by a high quality vinyl structure supported by a steel column. While on the top platform, an all stainless steel slide gives a thrilling ride back to ground level. You have the possibility to decorate the mountain with artwork of your choice – or pick different colors to signify each climbing level.

Volcano Brochure Decorated Mountain Climbing Child Attraction Outdoor Use
Water park, Playground, Camping, Hotel and Restaurant enquipment for small kids or toddlers.

miniVolcano/ miniCliff

miniVolcano/ miniCliff is a mountain shaped, climbing and sliding unit made of high quality durable fiberglass. An ideal product for a toddler pool, dry installations, playgrounds, hotel gardens, public parks and campings.

The space that the miniVolcano/ miniCliff uses is: Diameter 5,5 meter. Height 2,0 m.


Either you make it to the top or lose your grip; you will find yourself sliding right back into the pool water with a splash!

This water attraction is made in a variety of models. The Volcano can be used for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools depending on the size you choose. The Volcano can be created as a full circular mountain, or a half mountain installed onto a wall. It makes great use of space, as it comes in different sizes and can be cleverly fitted into various environments. This without compromising high quality and fun factor.

The mountain is formed by a stretched membrane structure and all stainless steel parts. The material of the Volcano’s slides could be stainless steel or fiberglass, depending on the model.

RECREA Product Volcano Water Park Attraction
RECREA Product Tsunami Bucket Yellow Water Attraction Upgrade Lazy River


Turn your Lazy River into an exciting ‘Wave River’! RECREA makes the waves in a spectacular way. If you have an existing river – or you are about to build one – RECREA can help you engineer the perfect Wave River.  The Tsunami takes your River to the next level of fun and excitement! The Tsunami has a big tilting tank that falls into the Lazy River. By moving this large volume of water is the Tsunami creating the waves. Contact RECREA to arrange an inspection and create the possibility of giving you this unique water park feature.

The Tsunami comes with the machinery, tilting tanks, speed generators and RECREA is supervising the installation.


A combination of two features gives great synergy effects. The SKYFALL is a vertical wall (water-) slide combined with a Tsunami unit. You start from the tower – pass through the tubeslide at moderate pace – fall downhill at breathtaking speed and up the wall. Fall back down and fly over the ridge and land into the lazy river. From there you will float away along with the river.

You might get quite wet passing under the Tsunami Bucket. For daredevils you have the control option of running the full Tsunami at the same time – that makes a SKYFALL. Every time the Bucket tilts, you also generate a wave in your Lazy River. The SKYFALL is a breathtaking ride – while enhancing your river experience – turns your Lazy River into a Wave River.

RECREA Product Skyfall Bucket Yellow Water Slide Tubes Lazy River