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FAQ is standing for frequently asked questions and is very useful as a trouble shooter for the Wet Bubble, or other RECREA products.

What is a WET BUBBLE?

The Wet Bubble is made of a PVC fabric, also called doom. The doom will be installed into a pool. The game is to play, bounce, slide, splash into the water.

Is it soft or hard?

It is soft. An automatic air supply system keeps it the same at all times

Is it slippery?

OH YES…that is the fun of it. No way you can climb it without climbing aid.

How do you climb it?

There are two ways ‐ you can have the Bubble with climbing ropes ‐ or you can have climbing grips. Most bubbles can have any of these ‐ except the biggest ones with Tower. Those are with ropes only.

Is it safe?

When it is used as should, yes. We have had millions of players (since 1986) around the world ‐ and only a handful of incidents reported.

Is it inflated?

Yes ‐ and you keep it that way throughout the season. All automatic.

What is under?

Water. About the same water level as in the pool.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, and different heights. You pick to your preferences ‐ the category of players, the age groups you aim for / the space you have / or pool you already have / water depth etc.

Can it be installed into an existing pool?

In general, yes. You would need to consult us ‐ we would help you out there. Tell you if it can be done or not ‐ and tell you what needs to be done ‐ on your side ‐ to make it work.

How long is the lifetime of the dome material?

The material is the strongest PVC‐coated polyester fabric. Sunshine ‐ UV‐radiation ‐ makes the material weaker by time. There is a UV‐protection coating applied on the fabric ‐ and as long that is intact, all is fine. We have had domes holding up till ten years.
Calculate 5 years lifetime in general.

Can that be extended?

Yes ‐ a new UV protection layer can be applied (in time) that prolongs the lifetime.

What about colours?

The WET BUBBLE is made two different designs. One is using material of different colors. The other is the fully decorated version, where we print the white material ‐ and after that add the UV‐ protection coating.

Both cases, we have pigments that gives the color.

Pigments are sensitive to UV ‐ you can see that everywhere. Colors are fading, this is due to the UV‐ radiation. Some colors more, some less.

In general, yellow and red colors are most sensitive. Blue, green, grey, brown, black and white less sensitive.

What happens if someone cuts a hole?

  • If the hole is small ‐ nothing. The automatic system will compensate for the air leaking out through the hole. You should repair at the soonest though.
  • If there is a big cut and the bubble deflates ‐ well there is so much of air inside ‐ so even having a big hole, the dome would deflate and lower slowly. So people on the dome would then just sit and slowly be lowered down to water level.

Can tears and cuts in the material be repaired?

Yes, by gluing or welding. Welding takes an expert. We would of course advise and help you out.

Does it use much energy?

The system uses about 0,75 kW when inflated.

How many can play at one time?

About 15 ‐ 25 persons. That is the number engaged in the playing ‐ some of them on the bubble bouncing and sliding and some in the water after landing.
Capacity is not really linked to the size of the Bubble. The bigger the Bubble ‐ the more speed ‐ more forces involved. More risks. Therefore, on the bigger Bubbles, people need more space.

So the number given is valid for most sizes.

How to control the game?

We recommend controlled operation. There is a built‐in timer in the system ‐ you can set the ride period. 3 ‐ 5 minutes is fine. When the water starts spraying ‐ the game starts. When water stops ‐ game is over. Next group enters the pool.

Can anybody play?

For most bubbles we recommend to separate small kids and grown‐ups. This is because people are so much carried away by the excitement of playing so they do not pay attention to the small ones.
So we recommend separate queuing lines for kids and for adults ‐ then alternate.

What age group is it made for?

Bubbles for 30 ‐ 50 cm water level are specially designed for kids. Basically ‐ we can make a safe Bubble for babies even. Wwater level 0,9‐0,95 m ‐ kids should be min 130 cm tall.

Does it need lifeguards?

We recommend that, specially for the big bubbles and specially if your park is busy. There are several places though where they do not have special lifeguards for the Bubble only ‐ but a lifeguard that keeps an eye over the area as such.
We recommend controlled and organized operation.

How do I keep it off season?

Depending on climate. Mild climate ‐you can keep it as it is ‐ inflated. Winter climate ‐ you better deflate the dome, dismantle, dry, fold together and keep it in dry place till next season. It is half day job to take it down and the same to re‐install.