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Design Services

RECREA is represent for more then 30 years in the Waterpark Attraction industry. RECREA is happy to share this knowledge with her costumers. Design Services is a department that focus itself on finding the right attractions or themes for; your waterpark, hotel, camping, splash park, etc.

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Innovation and idea realisation

If a partner has an idea but doesn’t know how to make that work or has the capital to start a project but has no concept: there we are to help.

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Conceptual designs

It is the best to ask an -objective- outsider to crystallize a thought and give the basic guidelines and concept to a project, let that be a small or a large scale one.

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Preliminary planning of facilities, structures

If the formerly mentioned concept is ready, the basic measurements and planning has to take place before the real -in detail- work could start up, we can help here as well.

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Detailed master plans

To be able to rely on the construction and decoration companies’ services the detailed drawings of the facilities and structures are needed. Why not work with Recrea?