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Factory RECREA
Factory RECREA


About RECREA; RECREA is short for ”RECREATION”. Recreation is our field of activity – our business.

RECREA AB – the Company – was founded in the seventies in the middle of the wild forests of Wermland, Sweden, based on equally wild ideas and concepts born in the house of our founder, Mr. Istvan Foth. For decades we made playground equipment (BRIO) – we were involved in the creation of the very first major Adventure Parks of Sweden (like Skara Sommarland). Then, in late eighties – inspired by the pioneers of the newborn Waterpark Industry, we got deeply engaged in water oriented fun. We could say we were pioneers ourselves….

Since then we concentrate on things we do best. Our own inventions – our own unique products. “You don’t go to a waterpark for swimming” – said one of the pioneers. You go there with your friends to have fun together – with water… And that could be just about anything – but should be much more fun when water is involved.

This is our philosophy – what MORE FUN could you do with water. There are pools, wavepools, rivers, there are waterslides of all kind. There are fantastic waterplay structures. Apart from that – what MORE water things could you make. Things of great adventure- entertainment value – at reasonable cost. Our water games offer unmatched attraction value at a fraction of a price of a water slide. They are DIFFERENT – and they make a difference. They bring new life – revitalize your pool area – your Waterpark.

We have put over 30 years of experience and know-how in our products. Continuous development – continuous sophistication. And continuous search for new ideas – what more fun could you do with WATER…