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Our headquarters and sales offices of our water park attractions are in Sweden. We have partners and distributors in Poland, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Japan, India and USA. In those regions please contact relevant distributors for information. For all other regions, you can contact our main office. We are always looking for distributors worldwide who are willing to sell our water park attractions. Interested? Please contact us via the contact page. 

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It is said “nobody goes to a Waterpark for swimming…” True. In a waterpark you expect to find a variety of attractions, games, play units – with one common denominator – Water! There is much – as it is. Pools, rivers, slides, flumes, waves, interactive games – you name it. The Industry is trying to further develop – to find new angles – as parks themselves want to develop – to add new ideas, new concepts – to differ themselves from others. RECREA play units are never copies – they are based on new , different ideas. They are original attractions invented and made by us.

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High attraction value for the money invested.

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Differentiate your park – giving our attractions your own unique profile.

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Provides a new dimension of attractions at your park.

the owner of RECREA AB Sweden Istvan Foth

The man behind our company

Since the late 1960’s I have been fascinated by children’s play, their social interaction with each other and with adults. After the completion of my studies at Konstfackskolan (the Academy of Fine Arts and Industrial Design) in Stockholm, this interest has become my main enterprise. During a period of 16 years I worked in co-operation with the world wide known Swedish Toy Manufacturer BRIO.

After this I became independent and started up my present company RECREA specialized in water park attractions. Ever since I have been inspired by the different countries and cultures I have had the opportunity to work with. We think this shows in our work.

In spite of my grey hair I am proud to be known as a „professional child”.

—István Foth

President and Senior Designer


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